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About the Broke Wandering Woman

Hey! I’m Kaity (the broke wandering woman behind the blog). If you’ve stumbled onto my site, chances are you’ve also got the “broke” part down, but maybe not so much the “wandering.”

My blog is here to help you find a balance between the two.

I’m a firm believer that you can live on a budget, and still enjoy life. You can pay off debt faster, and still travel. You can live in a big city, and still save up money. Okay, you get the point.

And why do I believe all this?

Because after graduating from university in 2017, I put these (scary, exhilarating, scandalous) statements to the test.

I moved to France for an academic year to teach English, traveled to six different countries and countless cities, and paid off $10,000 in student loans along the way.

And when I came home, I moved to New York City for grad school, without having to take out any more loans.

Contrary to popular belief, “broke” and “wandering” can coexist.

Why did you start this blog?

I wanted to debunk the myth that you have to sacrifice your finances to be able to travel, and vice versa.

Since coming home from France, I’ve encountered so many people who say they want to travel, but just can’t. And the reason why is almost always: “I’m drowning in debt, idiot.”

(Okay, they don’t actually say “idiot”; my friends and family and acquaintances are very nice people.)

Through some trial and error, I’ve figured out (and am still figuring out) several ways to “wander” on a budget, while also paying back tons of loans.

And while I’m at it, I want to share these strategies with you. Why? So you can avoid all the costly and time-consuming errors I already made, and get to the “enjoying life” part much faster.

Recent grads gotta stick together, especially if we’re all drowning in debt.

Where did your love for “wandering” come from?

Traveling has been a huge part of my life since undergrad. I studied French and Spanish, so I was able to spend a whole year abroad (first in France and then in Argentina).

In the name of linguistic and cultural immersion, I made horrible financial errors that still make me cringe. Yet I had also experienced so much of the world that I knew I needed to see more.

Cue four months after graduation, when I moved to a tiny town in France to teach English to high school students.

Not only did I see even more of Europe, but I also applied to grad school, and was accepted to the program of my dreams!

I am now working toward a PhD in French, wandering New York City, and learning more money-saving tips along the way.

Back to you

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